The timely delivery of every of paycheck is of the utmost importance to each participant who has earned it. At CSS we understand this. We provide software and payment systems to help Community Employment Programs deliver on the promise of timely and accurate payment to participants.

CSS provides a one-stop turnkey system to manage and pay participants in various types of employment and stipend programs. CSS provides:

  • Easy-to-use software for enrollment, worksite assignment, hours entry, payment and reporting
  • Various methods of payment including by check, direct deposit and debit card
  • Cash management
  • Payroll tax payments and filings
  • Training, help-desk and customer support for program personnel and participants
  • Reporting

CSS has worked with government and non-profit agencies in the following employment programs:

  • Summer youth employment program
  • In-school employment program
  • Out-of-school employment program
  • Transitional jobs program
  • Fatherhood employment program
  • Young adult internship program
  • STEM internship program
  • Stipend payment program

Some of the unique features provided by the CSS’s employment program software, include:

  • Online applications – intake of greater that 130,000 applications in 2013
  • Lottery selection of participant applications
  • Provider and worksite tracking
  • Easy hours entry screen with controls to make sure no participant is unaccounted for
  • Robust tracking and reporting features