At CSS, we want to provide you the opportunity to use our software solutions to their full potential. As a result we provide a full array of customer support and training to meet your needs.

Our customer support begins at first contact, as our skilled support professionals assist our clients in focusing their program goals and defining their software needs so that the best software solution—often customized to match the needs of a particular client—is delivered. We make sure we understand what you are seeking to accomplish and advise you on how best to match your needs with our software components and support capabilities.

“…we provide a full array of customer support and training to meet your needs.”

Thoroughly versed in all of our clients’ unique software features, our knowledgeable support and help desk staff are well equipped to provide training where needed and to offer rapid and thorough assistance whenever questions arise. We offer the best support in the industry and are known for being extremely friendly, helpful, and proactive. Our goal is to resolve your issue in a single phone call.

We view customer support as an important element of your program’s success, and we do whatever we can to help your program work—whether that means talking to a program participant to explain payment and tracking procedures or using monitoring tools to generate regular reminders to your staff to ensure they submit necessary program information on time.