We are experts in developing reliable, high-transaction, custom software solutions for any application. Our programming staff has years of experience developing web-based, desktop, and mobile software solutions with a focus on community program management.

We pride ourselves on understanding our clients’ needs and providing software that fits each unique situation. Whether your community program needs a package for data collection, time and attendance tracking, scheduling, payments, or payroll, we begin by meeting with you to identify your specific issues and desired outcomes, often suggesting process improvements based on our extensive knowledge of the community program realm. We discuss in detail the software features needed to manage your community program and then design a software solution that is both user-friendly and comprehensive in features and capabilities.

Much time and effort is spent on designing software that is easy to use and that offers value for users at every level of your organization. We make sure the solution we develop for you takes everyone’s needs and wants into account, from program managers and administrators accountable for program reporting and outcomes management to staff members responsible for entering data. At CSS, we know that better-designed tools yield better results, so we anticipate your needs and build solutions that allow your program to run without a hitch.

Our software solutions go beyond what our clients ask for because we understand the stakes involved in providing community programs. We don’t just give you what you tell us you need; we dig deeper, asking questions and raising issues that can help you avoid inefficiencies and address past and potential problems. We deliver a product that will work better than you anticipated—and we maintain a record of delivering on time and on budget.

Whether we develop a program from your specifications or customize existing CSS software products to fit your particular requirements, we are the right choice to deliver software solutions that work to meet your program’s needs.